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The Association of Football Players of Ecuador (AFE) keeps a close watch on Sociedad Deportivo Quito, that has not paid its players for five months. AFE is not fully confident that the club is going to respect the agreement that the club, the players and AFE reached last week.


AFE Secretary General Jorge Guzman explains: 'Deportivo Quito promised to pay their debts by next Tuesday. This is only a patch, the problem will explode again next week. Of course, now the only option is to wait until the 17th of September and see what happens.' Guzman assures that if SD Quito do not pay, the players will start a lawsuit against the club before the National Dispute Resolution Chamber.


The SD Quito players have not been paid for five months. In an intent to fight for their rights, and after warning the club without receiving any response, ten players of the team did not attend a match (Manta - Deportivo Quito, 28th of August 2013). SD Quito then decided to sanction the players by dismissing them on Tuesday 3rd September. SD Quito President Fernando Mantilla, stated that he had the support of Ecuafutbol, the Ecuadorian Football Federation, for this measure.


Guzman: 'This is not only against the FIFA Regulations, but also against the Ecuadorian Law, since in Ecuador, for an employee to be dismissed for indiscipline, he/she has to be absent for four consecutive days. This was only one absence, and a highly justified one.'


Another reason for the dismissal mentioned in the resolution of the Board of the club is the bad performance of the players. Clearly, this is also against the FIFA regulations. Therefore, AFE rejects the dismissal of SD Quito players.


In an action that shows real solidarity, the other members of the team protested against the abusive decision by not attending the training session of Wednesday 4th.


Last Friday, the 6th of September, in a meeting with long discussions, the players, AFE and the club reached an agreement. The club admitted the ten players back in the club and promised to pay its debt. The amount will be extracted from the club’s income TV rights. The first installment is to be paid the 17th of September.


Guzman refers to the reputation of SD Quito: 'Deportivo Quito has debts from 2011 and 2012, and is currently suspended from the national league for these debts.' He states that if the club doesn’t pay these debts by Sunday, the club will not be able to play when the league restarts after the international break.


AFE has asked the Ecuadorian Football Federation to demand the authorities of Sociedad Deportivo Quito to immediately submit their real payroll records. Furthermore AFE requested the FEF to adopt measures that guarantee the football players immediate payment for their contracts.


AFE has informed FIFPro and FIFA that the players union will take all legal measures in the unrestricted defence of the rights of those football players who are being trampled and having their rights violated. FIFPro supports AFE and the players of SD Quito in Ecuador.