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FIFPro and the Homeless World Cup have a partnership since 2015. The World’s Professional Footballers Association supports the less fortunate players on the planet, in a unique effort to improve their life standards.

The Homeless World Cup (HWC) is a charity that supports grass-roots football programs and social enterprise development via a network of 70 national partners. They operate in 420 cities, reach 100,000 people every year and, so far, have impacted the lives of 1 million homeless people around the globe.

The Homeless World Cup celebrates its work by organising an annual football tournament that unites teams of homeless people from countries all around the globe.

The tournament also welcomes players – male and female – who have encountered serious trouble and have searched and found personal help to combat their challenges, including mental health problems, drug or alcohol addiction and crime.

A player is allowed to compete, if he or she is at least 16 years old, has not appeared in a previous Homeless World Cup and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • he/she must have been homeless at some point in the past year;
  • his/her main living income is from selling newspapers on the street;
  • the player is in drug or alcohol rehabilitation having been homeless at some point in the past two years;
  • he/she is an asylum seeker.

Mel Young, Homeless World Cup President. “Since the Homeless World Cup first started in 2003, thousands of homeless and marginalised people have used football to change their lives with many finding homes, getting jobs, going into education and coming off drugs.”

According to research...

  • 94% of the participants say the Homeless World Cup positively impacted their lives
  • 83% improved social relations with family and friends;
  • 77% changed their lives significantly because of their involvement
  • 71% continue to play the sport.

FIFPro introduced the Fair Play Award at the Homeless World Cup in 2015. This award emphasizes that winning back control of your life is the most important goal at this event: respecting yourself, your teammates and opponents is more valuable than scoring a match-winning goal.

HWC2017 FairPlay8 640

FIFPro presents the Fair Play Award to players who show great sportsmanship 


Here are a few of their stories of people whose life has been changed by the Homeless World Cup:


2018 HWC pfa support 640

Various player unions support a local partner of the Homeless World Cup,
including the FPAI (India), PFA Scotland, PFA England and NISO (Norway).