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In the first four months of this year, more than a hundred football players completed studies under the educational programmes offered by the Argentinian players’ union (FAA).


‘These young men, who put in a lot of effort to achieve the objective they were seeking, have left satisfied and proud', said Carlos Pandolfi, the president of the FAA.


'And we of the Argentinian Football Players’ Association and the El Futbolista Foundation feel exactly the same sensation. The diploma award ceremony following the first four months has left all parties enjoying precisely this aura of satisfaction and pride. The graduates enjoy having proved and demonstrated that football and study can go hand in hand, that there is time for both activities, and that it’s always good to have a Plan B for life, inside or outside football. And we are delighted that the first four months of 2012 have set a record in the history of the educational opportunities provided by the FAA, through the work the Foundation has been doing since 1991.’


The data, undoubtedly convincing, indicate that more than a hundred football players (113 in all) either completed their secondary education (through the Programa Adultos 2000 and the Plan FinEs), finished degree courses by taking advantage of the FAA scholarship system, or passed courses offered at different levels: languages (English, Italian, Portuguese, French, whether by distance learning or by attending at the offices of the Foundation), Restaurant Cuisine, Coaching Youth Football, Computing, Sports Oratory, and the Occupational courses that came on stream this year, following the agreement signed with the Construction Workers Union of the Republic of Argentina (UOCRA). The offerings have been enriched and the harvest has been correspondingly greater.


Pandolfi added that, ‘The curtain has fallen on the first part of the year. It closed with a magnificent balance sheet, and we shall now go further, redoubling the stake and, as always, endeavouring to ensure that a football player has a wide range of opportunities at his disposal to add to his knowledge while shining at the wholesome “vice” of football.’