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Secretary General of FIFPro Division Africa, Stéphane Burchkalter, could not stop himself from reacting to how Abdeslam Ouaddou, Moroccan international player, was treated in Qatar. 'Nothing can justify this! These practices are shocking, unacceptable and outrageous.'


'It is worrying to be confronted, in our time, by such a lack of responsibility from directors, who have shown no respect for him as a human being. This is not only about money, or honouring contracts, but about treating people as humans. A footballer remains a human being, something that certain directors tend to forget, convinced that they have total impunity. Who knows why?'


'This also questions how it is possible to retain a player against his will by refusing to return his passport. Freedom of movement is a fundamental right which cannot be ridiculed in Qatar or elsewhere, nor can it be used for blackmail!'


'While it may seem pointless, because the Abdeslam Ouaddou case is unfortunately not an isolated incident (but let us at least hope it will be one of the last cases), it is worth reminding these directors that a contract binds both parties and that both parties must comply with it. Whilst players have obligations (particularly concerning exemplary behaviour), clubs must also toe the line, first and foremost by paying salaries. Abdeslam Ouaddou has not received any wages due to him during his second contract year with Qatar SC.'


'You don’t throw away a human being, as you might throw away an object that no longer serves its purpose. You do not make him suffer on purpose.'


'FIFPro and players all over the world will be paying close attention to decisions taken by FIFA during the case that Abdeslam Ouaddou has brought before the international federation.'