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Freedom of Assembly

The right to a collective voice

Just like any other employee, footballers have the fundamental right to come together to express their collective views, or peacefully protest. Football has been exercising this right for over a century, with the English PFA – one of 66 FIFPRO members – being formed in 1907.

What you should know

FIFPRO is the global representation of player unions around the world

We work closely with each of our 66 members to protect the right of player representation in the football industry. We devise agreements with FIFA to ensure that our collective goals are realised.

We are proud of the progress thus far

However, there are still many parts of the world in which the fundamental right to peaceful assembly cannot not exercised.

National player unions can face challenges to exercising their rights

In some countries, workers do not have the freedom to band together as a union, which alienates players from the decision-making processes that define their working environment. Where national player unions do exist, they can also face challenges to exercising their rights, too.

Supporting players is what we do

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