FIFPRO Statement: Spelarföreningen as official representative for Sweden's players


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FIFPRO has underlined the formal recognition of Swedish player union Spelarföreningen as the official representative of footballers in the country in a letter sent to the Swedish Football Association (Svenska Fotbollförbundet) and Elitfotboll Dam.

FIFPRO is aware of the ongoing negotiation process for a new collective bargaining agreement in Swedish women’s football – and various reports suggest the employer counterparts to this negotiation seek to undermine the previously respected position of Spelarföreningen, despite the clear support by the players for their union and their position as a FIFPRO member union.

As stated in the FIFA/FIFPRO Cooperation agreement: “FIFA recognises FlFPRO as the sole body representing the employment interests of professional footballers at a global level, on the basis of its current statutes, and its members, which are properly constituted and recognised under FIFPRO Statutes, as the representatives of professional football players at national level.”

FIFPRO recognises Spelarföreningen as a FIFPRO member and the sole representative of players in Sweden to negotiate on their behalf.

The full contents of the letter, signed by FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann and Division Europe General Secretary Joachim Walltin, can be accessed HERE.

FIFPRO letter to Swedish Football Association and Elitfotboll Dam