FIFPRO Statement: Women's World Cup Prize Money and Conditions


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  • In October, 150 players wrote to FIFA seeking equal Women’s World Cup conditions

  • The progress announced today shows intent of players and FIFA to work together

  • More work is needed to make sure equal conditions enshrined for future generations

Through the voice and solidarity of players around the world over months and years of campaigning, significant progress has been made in the conditions, prize money, and prize money redistribution for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Players are united behind simple yet concrete demands for greater professionalisation of the FIFA Women’s World Cup: equal regulations and conditions, fair redistribution of prize money to players, and a pathway to equal prize money, as well as an agreement that protects these commitments both now and as a legacy for the players in the future.

FIFPRO, its member unions, and the players celebrate the progress made by FIFA regarding conditions and prize money for the upcoming Women’s World Cup. The progress announced today demonstrates the intent of the players and FIFA to work proactively towards greater equity and equality for the industry.

The players’ commitment to build and create progress for the game continues to be the inspiration for change and growth. The work is not yet done. FIFPRO and 150 players from 25 national teams were clear in a letter sent to FIFA in October; the pathway to full equality remains of paramount importance.

We await further details from FIFA as we continue to advance the interests of the players and broader industry towards a more professional game for all. Together, we can create lasting change, leaving a legacy inspired by solidarity and collectivism.