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Foundations of Work

Footballers are entitled to safe and fair working environments

Whilst we often hear about only those at the very top of the game – those earning the highest wages and attracting the biggest sponsorship deals – the reality is that the majority of footballers earn modest wages, usually in line with the average wage of any worker in the country they play in. A football player’s career is often uncertain, highly susceptible to factors outside of the player’s control and, by its very nature, short and seasonal. They operate in an extremely fluid, competitive and precarious jobs market, and it means that the potential for them to slip through the cracks is high.

What we stand for

The same rights as everyone else

Players are entitled to the same rights as any other worker, in any other industry. Just like any other worker, they have rules and structures in place to protect their pay, contracts, working conditions and environment, health and safety, and development.

Football's existing structures must be factored in

In cases where the football industry and the players require specific regulations, they must be collectively agreed between stakeholders – including leagues, clubs, players and unions.

A job like no other

Professional footballers work in an environment that only a select will share experiences of. The intense scrutiny from the public or media is unique to sport and other industries like entertainment and politics.

Supporting players is what we do