ČAFH membership fees for 2022 will help footballers from Ukraine

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The Czech Association of Football Players has unhesitatingly condemned the aggressive invasion in Ukraine by the Russian army and declared its support for the football players there. The leadership of the ČAFH decided that the membership fees, which are annually donated to the needy, will this time go to help football players from the war-stricken country.

Following this decision, the ČAFH members began to send financial contributions in large numbers. Some footballers sent even more than the annual fee for membership in the players' association, and so the amount of CZK 50,000 (US $ 2,228) was collected quite quickly.

Many football training academies for Ukrainian refugees are already being implemented in the Czech Republic. The ČAFH in cooperation with the Shoes4Life Foundation decided to support the one under the wing of the youth coach of FC Slovan Liberec, Mr. Jiří Zachariáš. He, in cooperation with his brother and the Veronika Kašáková's Foundation, organized the transfer of footballers aged 14 - 15 from the youth academies of Benfica Kiev and Chernomorets Odessa to Liberec, where the young footballers found a new home.


The Liberec Region helped to provide accommodation for the players in a former youth centre, but the cost of the players' meals was initially borne by Mr Zacharias himself, and it was this item that we helped the newly established football academy in Liberec to meet.

On Tuesday, 12 April 2022, the sports director of the Czech Association of Football Players Pavel Hašek went to Liberec to personally visit the players of the birth years 2007 and 2008 and handed them a symbolic cheque for CZK 50,000 (US $ 2,228). The amount collected by the members of the ČAFH will be used to pay for the players' lunches and dinners for one whole month. In addition, the football players received training clothes from the ČAFH, which they will definitely use in the current April weather.

The Shoes4Life Foundation then provided the young Ukrainian players with adidas soccer cleats, which were donated by the headquarters of the German sports brand adidas International to support the ČAFH charity project last summer.

Helping the Liberec Youth Football Academy is in the spirit of the motto that has long characterized the activities of the CAFH - "You play, we care!"