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Women footballers in Argentina call for action against child abuse and sexual misconduct

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FIFPRO is assisting multiple high-profile women footballers in Argentina who have made a complaint to the FIFA Ethics Committee about the deeply concerning behaviour over several years by a coach currently employed by the Argentine football association.

The players have submitted evidence to the Ethics Committee that alleges the coach used his position of power in the women’s game in Argentina to sexually harass and bully teenaged girls as young as 14 who were pursuing their dream to become footballers.

In what should have been a safe environment, girls and women were subjected to threats and comments of a violent and sexually explicit nature.

Because of the extremely serious nature of these offences, FIFPRO has asked FIFA to immediately remove the coach from his current position where he may have access to and power over minors.

FIFPRO is providing ongoing legal support to these brave footballers who, with their collective action, are determined to play their part in making football a safer and more inclusive environment. We encourage other players affected to contact us in the strictest confidence at [email protected].