​FIFPRO Statement: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


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FIFPRO stands together with the International Trade Union Confederation and sport stakeholders to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and supports the firm and united response of the democratic governments which are sanctioning the regime of Vladimir Putin. Russia has brutally attacked a sovereign country; to protect our global community built on democracy and human rights this aggression must be deterred and held to account.

We thank all players that have shown their solidarity in the past hours and stand by their commitment to peace and justice.

The dignity and security of our society is based on the rule of law and fundamental human rights. Together with the international labour movement professional football players stand firmly behind the collective principles that have contributed to peace and stability all over the world.

FIFPRO commends the sanctions that have targeted the individuals and businesses that enable the Putin regime and its assault on the rule of law. Football must now follow the lead of democratic governments to review and sever ties that undermine the basic principles of our industry.

FIFPRO stands together with the Ukrainian people and we are currently seeking support from the international football bodies to protect our members in the country.