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Fighting match-fixing: Don't Fix It

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FIFPRO Dont Fix It 2500 2
In our efforts to prevent match-fixing, FIFPRO launched the Don’t Fix It project in 2012 in cooperation with Birkbeck University, the European Union and UEFA.

FIFPRO decided to deviate from existing strategies, because we did not believe in a zero-tolerance policy and a one-size-fits-all approach. We wanted to enter the dressing room, firstly to find out why players cooperated with match-fixing, and secondly to produce a programme in which players could best be informed about and protected from the dangers of match-fixing.

The goals of this educational and prevention programme were to raise awareness, to reduce the conditions that lead to match-fixing and to establish strong and relevant networks at national and European levels.

FIFPRO and UEFA developed a Code of Conduct against match-fixing, which has been adopted by all stakeholders in European professional football.

Another product of the Don’t Fix It project was the Good Practice Guide, which was created after qualitative research, in which almost 2,000 footballers participated. This guide gives player unions a strong point of reference for protecting both their members (the players) and football in general against match-fixing.