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Since 2020, the professional footballers can vote for the best players via a digital voting tool. In order to use the voting tool, players should be provided with a link by you as a member union.

All FIFPRO member unions have access to the World11 page on the Member Platform where you can distribute the links to the players and where the voting status of each club in your country can be monitored.

All votes will be calculated automatically when the voting deadline has passed.

By using the menu items on the left, you can distribute the WORLD11 voting URL's to your clubs/players and check your WORLD11 dashboard.


There are several ways to share the voting links with your players. Please find a short explanation below:

-              One by one. You can decide to share each specific club link, with the contact person in a specific team, one by one. You can decide to share it via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or download a QR code to share in the dressing room during your team visit

-              Multiple at the same time via e-mail. Here you can enter the e-mail address of each contact persons in each team and send them at once. You could also prefill your own email address and send them to yourself and share the links from there via the channel you prefer

-              Multiple at the same time via SMS. Same functionality as the one above but instead of sharing it via e-mail, you can share it via SMS.

-              You can also decide to combine the functionalities above. You might want to share some links via SMS, some via WhatsApp and some via a QR code in the dressing room.


You can see the actual voting status of each club in your country. This can be found in the World11 centre on your Member Platform via ‘Voting Dashboard’. This enables you to chase clubs who have not started voting yet or who haven’t voted as much as you like.

For any questions on the World11 voting. Please get in touch with Wesley Ooms ([email protected]) or Benjamin van den Broek ([email protected]) .