Women's World Cup Trophy

An open letter to Women's World Cup players


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Women's World Cup Trophy

Dear Players,

Ahead of the opening matches of the FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, everyone associated with FIFPRO wants to wish you the very best of luck ahead of one of the biggest milestones of your careers.

To represent your country on the biggest stage is an incredible achievement, and one that does not happen easily. Your effort, hard work, and dedication over many years has led to this moment. Enjoy and embrace these next few weeks – these moments are so special and have only been experienced by a select few of your fellow professionals.

We know that your determination to succeed has got you to where you are today on the pitch, but it's also off the pitch where you and your team-mates are making such a big difference. It is through your collective efforts that this World Cup will create an unprecedented legacy for yourselves and generations to come.

It is you – the players – who have pushed for better. It is you that worked together to achieve not only what you deserve, but also what is right. The most elite conditions, guaranteed compensation for every player, and a legacy towards equality. It is your commitment that gave us, as FIFPRO, the mandate to negotiate on your behalf, and work with FIFA to create impactful change.

Without you, this does not happen.

As we continue to defend your rights as always, we at FIFPRO wish the very best for you and your team-mates when you walk onto that pitch. If you give everything you have, what you will create will be transformational for generations, on and off the field.

David Aganzo, FIFPRO President

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