2.7.2. Player Impact

Player Impact

Without players, there is no football

FIFPRO acts as a united voice for professional players across the world, to ensure that their needs are being met in any decisions that could affect them in the football industry. It is important that all players have their say when it comes to growth and governance of the game – as what is entertainment for many, it is their livelihood.

What you should know

Players should be central to any evolution of football

They have a unique perspective of the sport, and their opinions are critical in ensuring that the integrity and fairness of the game is maintained.

Footballers are human beings, first and foremost

They then must be considered as workers with rights just like any other employees. The FIFPRO Global Players Council brings players together from across the world to represent the voices of their colleagues on an international platform.

The rights of the players must be considered with every new decision

In an age that the football industry is constantly changing and progressing, we must ensure that player’s employment conditions are appropriately adapted in light of any potential changes to their working environment.

Mental Health Player story

Cari Roccaro: “Hey, I got brown hair and I have mental health therapy”

Cari played a paramount role in NWSL players being entitled up to 6 months of mental health leave, which was included in their recent collective bargaining agreement.

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