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The 2020 FIFPRO Merit Awards: three winners and one hero

Merit Awards News

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Winners Smaller
Javiera Moreno, Marcus Rashford and the women’s national team of Cyprus are the winners of the new FIFPRO Merit Awards. There was also a special recognition for Aidana Otorbaeva.

The winners of these special honours were picked by a selection committee, consisting of former Merit Award winner Haley Carter, Global Player Council member Gabriella Garton, and union representatives from all FIFPRO Divisions (Africa, Americas, Asia and Europe). The committee said it was impressed with the achievements of all eight nominees for the Merit Awards.

The winners are:

Player Activism: Javiera Moreno

(a player who campaigns to bring about political or social change through advocacy for a cause)

For fighting sexual abuse in women's football.

Click here to see more about her activities, the jury report and her video reaction. 


Player Impact: Marcus Rashford

(a player who seeks to create impact in the lives of others)

For arranging free school meals for children from disadvantaged families in the United Kingdom.

Click here to see more about his activities, the jury report and his video reaction. 

Moreno 700 Good
Rashford Wins 700 445
Cyprus Wins 700 445
Otorbaeva Wins 700 445

Player Voice: Cyprus Women’s National Team

(players who use their platform to raise their voice and/or the voices of others to highlight an issue and influence change within the football industry)

For fighting for equality in Cypriot football. 

Click here to see more about their activities, the jury report and their video reaction. 


FIFPRO Hero: Aidana Otorbaeva

(a player who did something so special that FIFPRO had to acknowledge it)

For organising a volunteer movement to help medical staff in hospitals fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click here to see more about her activities, the jury report and her video reaction.