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FIFPRO calls for reversal of unilateral K-League decisions

Governance and Representation Statement

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K League
FIFPRO is deeply concerned about unilateral decisions by the K-League to impose changes to the pay and conditions of professional footballers.

These resolutions were imposed without any negotiations, contravening basic employment standards of FIFA and multiple other global organizations. The resolutions must be reversed immediately.

FIFPRO respectfully requests that the K-League opens negotiations with professional footballers through their association, the Korean Pro-Footballers Association (KPFA), to address the economic impact of the pandemic in a fair manner.

The KPFA is recognized by FIFPRO and FIFA as the representative of players in South Korea.

FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann said: “We are extremely concerned by the failure to seek agreement with professional footballers about changes to their pay and conditions in South Korea. Since the start of the pandemic, global and continental football stakeholders have underlined the importance of collective negotiations.

“The K-League has a responsibility as a stakeholder to negotiate with the KPFA - which is recognized by FIFPRO and FIFA as the representative of players in South Korea. Ignoring this responsibility contravenes global standards not only in football but in those set out by the United Nations and International Labour Organization.

“We respectfully request the K-League overturns these unilateral resolutions immediately and opens talks with the KPFA in order to address the impact of the pandemic in an appropriate and fair manner.”