Pilot Project: Heart Monitoring

The aim of the FIFPRO x IDOVEN Player Heart Monitoring Service programme is to provide player unions and players with a complimentary resource to perform voluntary heart monitoring.

FIFPRO x IDOVEN: How To Apply The Device

Learn more about how to apply the device to your chest.

How To Apply The Device COVER

Do's and Don'ts

When should I wear the device?

Pick a normal day to do the monitoring. Wear the device all of the time. The more data is collected, the more precise the report will be.

Personal Hygiene

You can shower or bath with the device, but it is advised not to go swimming or immerse the device in excessive liquid.

Physical Contact

If you decide to play football with the kit, and in particular football with contact, you do this at your own risk. It is advised not to control the ball with your chest. Please also avoid body contact.


It is important not to use the equipment at temperatures below 0ºC and above 45ºC.


It is not recommended to use the equipment in areas with altitudes higher than 3000 meters above sea level.

The FIFPRO x IDOVEN Player Heart Monitoring Service pilot programme offers assistance and resources to:

Increase Access

For professional players and player unions in regions across the world where cardiac monitoring is difficult to access.

Leverage Technology and Innovation

To redefine the way cardiac arrhythmias are detected based on artificial intelligence and cloud-based software solutions.

Drive Research

About cardiac arrhythmias and their possible prevention for high-performance athletes, especially professional football players.

Provide Tailored Solutions

For players unions that wish to provide professional players with additional safety and security monitoring to complement existing minimum requirements (if any) provided by clubs and competition organisers.

For general and/or medical questions, please first check the FAQ above. If you don't find the answer there...

For any question related to your involvement, the logistics and/or the use of the devices, please contact your national union...

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