2.4.1. Concussion

Concussion Management

Concussions can pose a serious risk to professional players

FIFPRO is at the forefront of addressing the issue of concussion. This is a serious health concern for players but it still lacks proper awareness in the football industry. Adequate health and safety protocols as well as industry-tailored approach to research are still missing.

What you should know

Concussions can seriously affect a player’s well-being

While not as frequent or obvious as muscle or bone injuries, concussions can have significant repercussions on both a player’s short and long-term health.

FIFPRO actively encourages education and reassessment of the issue

This includes a mandatory pre-season education programme for all players, as well as strongly advocating for a 10-minute concussion review (in place of the current three) with the use of a temporary substitute during this period.

Professional football’s current standards of concussion management are insufficient

Despite attempts from FIFPRO, player unions and various competitions, the process of improving these standards through IFAB is proving to be a slow and difficult process. Competition organisers and regulators should provide appropriate protection frameworks for players.

FIFPRO is leading pioneering research

To provide better care for those who do endure a concussion, however in the meantime – better prevention measures should be in place to protect players.

“It is essential to improve the recognition and management of concussion in professional football so that the players’ health can be protected on the short- and long-term. ”

— by Dr. Vincent Gouttebarge, FIFPRO Chief Medical Officer