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HBO Academy 3

In this online, four-year, part-time undergraduate bachelor’s Business & Innovation programme, you will study alongside your sport career on one fixed evening per week and participate in virtual classroom lessons.

During this course, you will develop the skills and theoretical knowledge you need to operate successfully as a manager or independent entrepreneur in a dynamic environment. You will gain insight into market developments and be able translate into potential new products and/or services within your organisation or business.

What makes this course so attractive?

• Designed in collaboration with business communities
• You are investing in a solid career
• Flexibility: you can attend classes from home, lessons are also recorded
• Course is modular and flexible
• Hybrid lecturers

Course outline

Due to the modular, flexible structure of the programme and the intensive supervision, it is possible for professional athletes to attend and complete this course alongside their sport career.

Interactive online learning

We use an online learning environment where you can access all subject matters and where you work on interactive assignments. In this online environment, you have direct and real-time contact with your teacher and fellow students. 

Knowledge and skills

During the course, you will be educated on various theoretical frameworks on the topics of management, marketing, and innovation. You learn how to implement and execute new ideas that add value to improving business operations, services, or products.

Personal development

In addition to theoretical knowledge and practical skills, your personal and professional development is an important aspect of the course. To be a successful professional, you require a number of personal qualities, such as perseverance, creativity, and leadership. Considerable time is therefore allocated to developing these skills. Furthermore, you will be trained to develop personal skills such as leadership, collaboration, analysis and decisiveness.


Year 1

  • The company 1; Internal processes
  • The market
  • Product 1; Generating an idea
  • Project management
  • Product 2; What’s your proposition?
  • Personal development; Leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation

Year 2

  • Branding
  • The company 2; Implement an idea
  • Management
  • Business concept
  • Personal development; Leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation

Year 3

  • Business Intelligence Management
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing communication
  • Innovation management
  • Personal development; Leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation

Year 4

  • Quality assurance management
  • Research and development
  • Personal development; Leadership, entrepreneurship & innovation

Practical information

Starting date and class days

The start date for the course is 24 September 2024. All lessons take place weekly on Tuesday evenings.

Admission requirements

In order to enrol in the bachelor's programme in Business & Innovation, you must have a senior general secondary education (Havo, AS/A-level, high school) OR level 4 EQF OR Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL).

Not sure if you qualify for the course? Please contact your union.


Fill in the application form HERE. After you have registered, we will invite you for a personal online intake interview and discuss your ambitions, motivation, and study in practice. Together we will determine what you need to succeed and enjoy studying towards your bachelor's degree.

Tuition fee

The 2023/2024 tuition fee for the course is €3,900 for this year. The book fee is approximately €350 for a year. The rates are adjusted annually based on price indexation and cost developments. By the month of October at the latest, we will communicate to our current students the new prices for the programme for the next academic year.

Payment in terms

Payment in instalments is possible. A maximum of four instalments per academic year is used. The invoice is sent before the start of the academic year and the first instalment (or the entire invoice) must also be paid before the start of the academic year. 


Contact your local player development manager for possible funding.


After this course, you will have specialised yourself in promotion, entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing and you will be able to react to changes in the market. Numerous occupations in many business sectors and non-profit organisations are possible, including:

  • Marketing manager
  • Innovation manager or consultant
  • Independent entrepreneur
  • Commercial director

Two-year programme

Are you interested in the programme, but would like to study for a shorter period of time? In our two-year course, you can follow a number of certified modules from the bachelor’s programme.

For this two-year course at higher vocational education level, HBO Academy is embarking on an intensive accreditation process with the aim of realising the associate’s degree. Please reach out to your union contact if you are interested.


For any further questions, please reach out to your union or contact [email protected].