2.3 Education And Development

Development Beyond Football

Development beyond football can positively impact a footballer’s wellbeing and performance.

All players should have the opportunity to develop their skills beyond football and FIFPRO strongly advocates for this. Being a football player is a fairly uncertain career. The next injury, coaching change or expiring contract may be career-ending. Therefore it is important that players feel confident in their abilities to start a new chapter whenever the time comes. Also during their professional football career, personal development can have positive impact on the wellbeing and performance. Engaging in personal development, whilst sometimes difficult to balance, helps a player to develop a more well-rounded identity and provides alternative focus and positive distraction from the pressure of sport.

What you should know

Positive impact on wellbeing and performance

Engaging in personal development can have positive impact on the wellbeing and performance of a player.

It can be challenging to combine another pursuit with a playing career

Managing multiple demands is difficult and it is important that these demands are managed well so the player does not fail to achieve their potential in both sport and other pursuits.

It might feel that the focus is off a playing career

Some players may feel that if they are engaging in personal development, they are less committed to their sport and are diluting their focus. However, research has found that this is rarely the case.

2.3.1. Education And Development

“As a player, exploring interests outside football will make your life more rewarding – and you career transition easier”

— by Nienke van Gerven, Player Development Manager