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Leading women’s football salaries climbed before coronavirus

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Olympique Lyonnais
Women football player salaries were rising before the coronavirus pandemic amid the growing popularity of the game, and increased investment from clubs and sponsors, research from FIFPRO’s Raising Our Game report suggests.

FIFPRO is working with other football stakeholders to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and continue the development of the women's game.

The average net club salary of national team players rose to 4,123 euros per month, according to a survey of 186 players from 18 national teams*, 13 of which played at the 2019 FIFA World Cup.

That is an increase of 51 percent when compared to what national team players were earning in 2016, when the average wage was 2,734 euros.


Some of the biggest earners play club football in the United States and France. The top earner in the survey took home a gross annual salary of 400,000 euros per year, 150 percent more than the 20th highest earner.

But almost four percent of national team players didn’t receive any salary to play club professional football. And the median net monthly salary was significantly lower than the average at 2,425 euros

More than half of national team players receive extra benefits from their club to cover their costs including housing, food and education, the survey found.

*The 186 national team players represented Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.


Photos: Hollands Hoogte