Statement: Guatemala's football league

Player Salary Statement

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FIFPRO condemns the decision by the Federación Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala to approve a measure by the Liga de Fútbol Primera División to impose a salary cap on football players.

This restriction of 10,000 quetzales (USD 1,300) was imposed without any consultation of players even though it directly affects their livelihoods.

This violates international employment standards and contravenes FIFA recommendations on cooperation on a national level between their federations as well as clubs, leagues and players.

We strongly support the 400 footballers in Guatemala who have signed a petition opposing this move, and their national player association SIFUPGUA representing their voice.

We are astonished that the Federación Nacional de Fútbol de Guatemala has not intervened in order to reach a consensus and, instead, has aproved the measure, overlooking the right of players to act collectively.

In this respect, we remind the federation that players are affiliated to their organization and have therefore a legal interest in the present matter since their source of income is directly impacted by this unilateral decision.

We will be contacting FIFA to elevate our concerns about and will not hesitate to support SIFUPGUA should it decide to take legal action to defend the rights of players.