Duggan Renard

FIFPRO welcomes new women's football competitions

Competition Design Statement

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Duggan Renard
FIFPRO welcomes the positive step that UEFA has made in announcing its plans to restructure the Women’s Champions League with a new format for the 2021/22 season.

We also support the efforts of the AFC and FIFA to implement a pilot Women’s Club Championship, which was recently held in South Korea for the first time.

These are important steps towards giving women’s football industry more visibility and commercial viability. They should lead to more exciting competitions that benefit women’s football players, and the development of women’s football.

At the same time, it’s crucial that football stakeholders also commit to protecting the working conditions of the players in these and other domestic, continental and international competitions in order to underpin the sustainable development of the women’s game.

“It’s vital that football authorities do not overlook the conditions that players in these and other evolving competitions have in their daily lives”

— by Amanda Vandervort, FIFPRO Chief Women's Football Officer

“Professional women football players need sustainable competition structures which allow them to develop and meet their full potential,” Amanda Vandervort, FIFPRO’s Chief Women’s Football Officer, said. “These new competition developments are encouraging, and we hope they are just the start of progress on this front.

“However, it's vital that football authorities do not overlook the working environment and employment conditions players in these and other evolving competitions experience in their daily lives. All footballers need appropriate training and domestic championships to perform at their peak in elite competitions.

“For players to flourish – and the industry to reach its potential - we must ensure they benefit from an appropriate working environment with a set of employment conditions respected by everyone within the game. We look forward to collaborating with other football stakeholders to make this a reality so that players are at the heart of the development of women's football.”