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Match-fixing is a global threat to the integrity of football, as well as to the social, educational and cultural values embodied by sport in general. FIFA and FIFPro are committed to protecting the integrity of football and all members of the football family.


The aim of the campaign is to safeguard the integrity of football, to raise awareness of the dangers of match-fixing, to provide positive role models for players, and to protect and educate football players – and all other members of the football family – on how to recognise, resist and report any attempt to manipulate matches.

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The goal of a match-fixer is to gain sporting or financial advantage through improperly influencing the result or the course of a game. To manipulate this game, the match-fixer is targeting people who are able to directly influence the course of a match such as players, match officials and administrators. The match-fixer can approach you in different ways, for instance directly or indirectly by offering money or gifts, or by using implied threats or extortion.


Match-fixing destroys the very essence of sport. Without integrity, the game of football will lose its credibility, its fans and its sponsors. When you (help) fix a match, you risk a worldwide lifetime ban, criminal prosecution and a prison sentence. Protect yourself and the integrity of football.
Resist any approach to match-fixing.


To prevent match-fixing, it is vital that you report any suspicion of corrupt behaviour. Reporting will alert football and law enforcement agencies, and will protect you, your family and other people in football. Reporting also deters match-fixers from making further approaches.

Report to someone you trust and who is capable of doing something: your coach, your players’ union, an integrity officer, FIFA Security or the local police.

Should there be any threat to your own or any other person’s life or physical safety, then please inform the appropriate police authorities immediately.

All information received will be handled promptly, treated with the strictest confidentiality and used solely for the purposes of protecting the integrity of football.