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FIFPro launched the FIFPro Online Academy in collaboration with UCN Denmark (University College Northern Denmark).

UCN records the lectures given at the university for the fulltime 'Sport Management' program and puts them online after the lectures are given. The students of the FIFPro Online Academy can follow the lectures at a moment which suits them best.



Contact for each participating players association

For more informationa about the FIFPro Online Academy, and for professional footballers who are interested in joining the programme, please contact the players' association in your country (see list below), or contact FIFPro's Suzanne Bakker.


Country Player Union Contact Link
Austria VdF Oliver Prudlo Link
Belgium Sporta VSB Stijn Boeykens  Link
Bulgaria  ABF  Mila Hristova  Link
Croatia  HUNS  Sandro Soronda  Link
Cyprus PASP Celia Vassou  Link
Czech Republic  CAFH  Marketa Haindlova  Link
Denmark  Spillerforeningen  Rasmus Haagensen  Link
England  PFA  Pat Lally  Link
Finland  FPA JPY  Tero Koskela  Link
France  UNFP  Guillaume Stephan  Link
Greece  PSAP  Stamatis Sirigos  Link
Hungary  HLSZ  Klaudia Fabian  Link
Ireland  PFAI  Ollie Cahill  Link
Malta  MFPA  Carlo Mamo  Link
The Netherlands  VVCS  Suzanne Bakker  Link
Norway  NISO  Joachim Walltin  Link
Poland  PZP  Malgorzata Czarnas Link
Portugal  SJPF  Bruno Silva  Link
Romania  AFAN  Emilian Hulubei  Link
Scotland  PFA Scotland  Michelle Evans  Link
Slovenia  SPINS  Marko Levovnik  Link
Spain  AFE  Jesus Diaz Peramos  Link
Sweden  SFS  Johan Skoglund  Link
Switzerland  SAFP  Antonio Iacovazzo  Link

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