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FIFPRO publishes scientific, evidence-based reports on a wide range of player-centric workforce priorities within the context of the football industry. The research section of the FIFPRO Player IQ Hub navigates this landscape and gives the players’ perspective on the most recent patterns and trends, best practices, and policies and regulations relevant to the future sustainability of the professional game.

What you should know


Industry and public policymakers, football stakeholders, influencers and media about the needs and fundamental interests of players in the football industry.


Contributing factual, evidence-based, player-driven accountable analysis and decisions, while engaging in transparent discussions about the future shape of the professional football industry.


To drive player-centred policy development to protect and safeguard the rights and interests of players at the heart of the game

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FIFA World Cup 2022: Post-Tournament Review and Player Survey

This latest report combines key data about teams and players with a survey of 64 footballers who played at the FIFA World Cup 2022 to gauge their reaction to the unprecedented mental and physical demands of the current season.

World Cup Report Cover Image

FIFA World Cup 2022: The Player Workload Journey

The FIFPRO PWM Men’s Football Flash Report 2022 provides a snapshot of the unprecedented workload demands placed upon the game’s leading players.

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Player Data: Managing Technology and Innovation

The Charter of Player Data Rights provides a response to the opportunities and challenges caused by new technologies, and is guided by leading legislation on data protection and privacy rights.

Player Data Managing Technology And Innovation

Post-Tournament Blues: Understanding Post-Tournament Mental Health

Post-tournament blues is the emotional drop that happens to players after a big competition, when they haven’t had the opportunity to fully process their experiences. This report looks at players' experience of post-tournament mental health.

Cover Post Tournament Mental Health

Women's EURO 2022: Workload Journey Report

In addition to historical comparisons, the report describes the various types of player workload journeys, showcasing the vastly different ways players prepared for the Women's EURO 2022.

UEFA Women’S Euro 2022 Workload Journey Report HIGHLIGHT

Decoding Online Abuse of Players 2022

The report exposes a significant threat to the mental health and well-being of today’s top athletes. It raises important questions about their workplace and what can be done to ensure they enjoy adequate protection as workers.

Decoding Online Abuse Of Players GREEN

2022 Player and High Performance Coach Surveys

This edition of the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring flash report focuses on the findings of two recent surveys: the FIFPRO Global Player Survey and the FIFPRO High-Performance Coach Survey.

PWM Flash Report 2022 COVER

2021 Women's Player Workload Monitoring Report

This report shows a lack of competitive matches and uneven scheduling are affecting most professional women’s footballers, and limiting the potential development of the women’s game.

2021 FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring Annual Women's Report

2021 Abuse in Football: Lessons Learned & Calls For Action

This report summarises FIFPRO's analysis of the conditions that allow sexual misconduct, harassment, and abuse to continue, shares some of our learnings, and reaffirms our commitment to stand with players to fight for their safety and wellbeing.

No More Silence ENG

2021 Men's Player Workload Monitoring Report

The report proposes new ways to reduce this overload for players as well as issuing warnings on energy-sapping travel and shrinking off-season breaks.


2021 Flash Report: Player Workload & Impact During Emergency Calendar

The report provides a scientific mid-season analysis on player workload and match scheduling, covering a representative group of 85 women's footballers across top leagues and national team competitions.


2021 Flash Report: Player Workload & Recovery During Emergency Calendar

This report provides a scientific mid-season analysis on player workload and match scheduling, covering a representative group of 265 male footballers from 43 domestic leagues across six confederations and including club and national team matches.


2021 Shaping Our Future: Industry Development & Governance Standards

FIFPRO’s 2021 Shaping Our Future report examines global revenue streams and the working conditions of players, with a view to achieving a more stable and robust game.


Playing Our Part: Impact of Footballers During Covid-19

FIFPRO’s Playing our Part highlights the initiatives taken by professional footballers and their unions during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Covid-19: Recovery & Resilience

FIFPRO's Covid-19 Recovery & Resilience provides a set of recommendations to rebuild and strengthen the professional football industry during the pandemic, at the same time as protecting jobs, careers and the wellbeing of players.

Covid (1)

Ongoing Impacts of Covid-19: Women's Football

FIFPRO survey shows the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on women’s professional football based on data collected from national player unions in 62 different countries from July through October.

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Raising Our Game: 2020 Women's Football Report

FIFPRO’s Raising our Game is a forward-thinking report which charts the economic evolution of the game and puts players at the heart of the planned development and rebuilding of the sport after the coronavirus pandemic.

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Mind the Gap: Enhancement of Competencies of Professional Players

Some 67 percent of professional footballers are not sure what they will do when they stop playing, according to a FIFPRO survey.

Mind The Gap Report 3

Mind The Gap: Research Report Two

FIFPRO's 2020 Mind the Gap proposes a framework for unions to train so-called Player Development Managers (PDMs) to provide support to athletes.


At The Limit: Player Workload in Elite Professional Men's Football

At The Limit makes a series of key recommendations to protect the health of players, and make sure they can perform at their peak.


Mind The Gap: Research Report One

FIFPRO's 2019 Mind the Gap outlines the most relevant literature related to professional players and the support provided to them, the role of the PDM as well as some good practices in the area.


2017 FIFPRO Women's Global Employment Report

FIFPRO’s Women's 2017 Global Employment report is the first global study of working conditions in women’s football, surveying nearly over 3,500 players in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.


2016 FIFPRO Men's Global Employment Report

FIFPRO’s Men's 2016 Global Employment report consists of the most comprehensive and far-reaching survey of its kind, analysing the labour conditions of professional players in the world’s most popular team sport.


Black Book Eastern Europe

FIFPRO's 2012 Black Book Eastern Europe examines the critical issues in 15 countries in Eastern Europe to respond to the numerous, often shocking abuse of professional footballers in that region.