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Player IQ

The player-centric knowledge centre in the football industry

Player IQ Hub is a player-focused knowledge centre that aims to help shape decisions in the football industry to improve the careers and world of work of footballers. Based on scientific research, data and collaboration with industry stakeholders, FIFPRO seeks to contribute to the future development of the game.

What you should know


The international match calendar, competition reforms and travel demands, among other aspects of a player's professional life, can have a damaging effect on health, wellbeing and career prospects. FIFPRO monitors the workload of footballers through the FIFPRO Player Workload Monitoring (PWM) platform.


FIFPRO is the only organisation that regularly carries out global research into the daily lives of men's and women's professional footballers, tracking everything from salaries and vacation time to mental health and cartilage damage.


We can not achieve progress by working alone; we need to work together. Only by listening to experts in fields both within and outside of football can we collectively achieve better results.

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Player Workload Monitoring Tool

Player-Centric Purpose


Provide access to scientific and evidence-based FIFPRO research and insights as they relate to the world of work of players.

Data-Driven Solutions

Address industry priorities for players through data-based and analytical solutions.


Build cooperation with and between relevant partners that drive a sustainable football industry.


Provide thought leadership on systemic trends as they shape the working environment and rights of players and provide additional resources to FIFPRO research.

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