Unveiling football's Global Player Council

FIFPRO is launching a Global Player Council to strengthen the role of professional footballers in shaping their industry at an international level.

The Global Player Council (GPC) will reinforce the mandate of FIFPRO and its 65 affiliated national player associations to protect the interests of players around the world and safeguard their rights.

While national player associations are the key driver of the collective voice of footballers, adding an international council strengthens our capacity to address cross-border issues as globalization rapidly influences football.

The GPC will allow active players to comment on, discuss and influence global regulations, trends and the strategic development of football worldwide.

It will also provide the opportunity for council members to drive initiatives linked to player health and personal development, among other matters off the pitch.

GPC 0013 Giorgio Chiellini C01 Vi
Giorgio Chiellini
GPC 0016 Gabriela Garton A02 Vi
Gabriela Garton
GPC 0024 Eiji Kawashima A02 Vi
Eiji Kawashima
GPC 0018 Elise Kellond Knight C02 Vi
Elise Kellond Knight
GPC 0000 Vincent Kompany C02 Vi
Vincent Kompany
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0000 Saki Kumagai 3
Saki Kumagai
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0003 Kim Little 2
Kim Little
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0006 Andre Onana 1
Andre Onana
GPC 0026 Daniela Pardo Whatsapp Image 2019 06 27 At 15.20.36 (1)
Daniela Pardo
GPC 0004 Rui Patricio C02 Vi
Rui Patricio
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0002 Neven Subutic 4
Neven Subotic
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0001 Nicolas Tagliafico A02 Vi
Nicolas Tagliafico
GPC TEAM PICS 020202 0004 Jodie Taylor 3
Jodie Taylor
GPC 0008 Kevin Trapp C02 Vi
Kevin Trapp

The GPC’s members will evolve over time; FIFPRO and national player associations are in discussion with other players about joining.

The players have direct ownership of the GPC, which will meet at least twice a year. The GPC as an integral part of FIFPRO will work continuously with FIFPRO on key topics and initiatives.

“Together with these players we will amplify the voice of footballers worldwide. As professional football develops globally at a rapid pace this new channel is more important than ever,” FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffman said. “We are excited by the enthusiasm of so many players, who are leaders on and off the pitch, to be part of the Global Player Council.

“We are looking forward to giving this group of players a platform to share and use their considerable experience on a wide range of key issues that impact both them and their fellow professionals.”

“Together with these players we will amplify the voice of footballers worldwide”

— by Jonas Baer-Hoffman, FIFPRO General Secretary
GPC Members
Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus & Italy
Gabriela Garton, UAI Urquiza & Argentina
Eiji Kawashima, Strasbourg & Japan
Elise Kellond-Knight, Washington Spirit & Australia
Vincent Kompany, Anderlecht & Belgium
Saki Kumagai, Olympique Lyonnais & Japan
Kim Little, Arsenal & Scotland
Andre Onana, Ajax & Cameroon
Daniela Pardo, Santiago Morning & Chile
Rui Patricio, Wolverhampton Wanderers & Portugal
Neven Subotic, Union Berlin & Serbia
Nicolas Tagliafico, Ajax & Argentina
Jodie Taylor, Reign FC & England
Kevin Trapp, Eintracht Frankfurt & Germany