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  • FIFPro: ‘Anti-racism is all about unity’

    FIFPro has noticed the ongoing discussions in England concerning a breakaway union of black professional footballers. FIFPro strongly advises the players to remain united with the PFA, as nobody will profit from a breakaway.

  • New President Philippe Piat: 'FIFPro must speak up'

    Piat is the new FIFPro President. In his speech, he addressed the solidarity among all professional footballers and players associations, and summarized the challenges that are awaiting FIFPro.

  • FIFPro and players to open new FIFPro House

    FIFPro opens its new office building – FIFPro House – next Monday, May 13th. The worldwide professional footballers association will celebrate this ‘Grand Opening’ with guests from the football family, including various footballers.

  • FIFPro History: First Meeting

    from the player associations of England, France, Italy, Netherlands and Scotland assembled in Paris to establish FIFPro. These are the most important resolutions passed that day, as FIFPro took its first step on the road to becoming the official...

  • FIFPro launches 50th year

    FIFPro today launched the official countdown to what will be a grand 50th Anniversary celebration in Amsterdam on December 15, 2015. The first FIFPro board meeting of 2015 also gets underway today, as the World Players’ Union fine tunes preparations to...

  • FIFPro Winter Tournament and FIFPro Torneo América

    FIFPro organizes two tournaments this winter: the FIFPro Winter Tournament and the FIFPro America Tournament. The first will take place on Friday 14 January in Norway, the second on 21 and 22 January in Chile.

  • FIFPro establishes expert group on transfer matters

    FIFPro states that the many problems with the existing transfer system need to be addressed carefully and seriously. Therefore FIFPro presents an expert group to examine and provide the necessary recommendations.

  • About FIFPro Women's Football Committee

    FIFPro – the World Footballers' Association – established a new FIFPro Women's Football Committee to provide female professionals with a platform to address their growing needs on a global level. The initiative was set in motion in May 2014 and the...

  • FIFPro unveils 2013 FIFA FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro, the worldwide representative for 65 thousand professional footballers, together with FIFA, proudly present the 2013 FIFA FIFPro World XI. There are five new faces in the team, all appearing for the first time.

  • FIFPro presents the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro, the worldwide professional footballers' association, together with FIFA proudly announced the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI, a team chosen by tens of thousands of professional footballers on this planet.

  • FIFPro Online Academy targets 100 new students

    FIFPro aims to receive one hundred applications from new students for the upcoming FIFPro Online Academy school year. The first step was taken this week, as the world professional footballers' association organised a special two-day workshop for...

  • FIFPro Online Academy invites new students

    FIFPro Online Academy is halfway its second year. But FIFPro is already preparing for the next academic year. At its office the worldwide professional footballers’ association organized a special meeting for interested member unions.

  • FIFPro launches global outreach initiative

    (Vancouver, July 3, 2015) FIFPro today officially unveiled several initiatives designed to usher in a new era of gender equality in world football, including a global mobilization and outreach campaign to secure the fundamental rights of female...

  • Gender equality in FIFPro Asia

    FIFPro Asia/Oceania, the regional division of the world footballers’ association, has resolved to change its constitution to ensure its board includes a minimum of two women. Next to that FIFPro Asia has opened membership directly to players in Asian...

  • Footballer victim in poor quality study transfer system

    FIFPro is deeply disappointed in the outcomes of the KEA Study on the Economic and Legal Aspects of Transfers of Players presented on Thursday 7 February by the European Commission. ‘Poor quality and inconsistent.’

  • FIFPro proudly presents 2010 FIFA FIFPro World XI

    and FIFPro proudly presented the FIFA FIFPro World XI of 2010. This Monday evening, during the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala in Zurich, Switzerland, the best eleven footballers in the world appeared on the stage.

  • FIFPro congratulates 2011 FIFA FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro wishes to congratulate the 2011 FIFA FIFPro World XI. In Zurich, football legend Pelé handed out the awards to the eleven players that were chosen by their peers as the best in football.

  • FIFPro ‘shoots’ start of building new office

    a well-aimed penalty shot, Leonardo Grosso, president of FIFPro, started the construction of the FIFPro House, the organisation’s new office building, that is to open its doors in April 2013.

  • FIFPro and EU Athletes have a man in Brussels

    FIFPro now has its own voice in Brussels, the home of the European Union. In collaboration with EU Athletes FIFPro Division Europe has opened its own office, from which Jonas Baer-Hoffmann will be working as a policy officer.

  • FIFPro warns players of clubs' nonpayment

    FIFPro is advising all professional football players to be very critical before signing a contract with a new club. FIFPro is giving a negative recommendation to players who want to sign with clubs in Cyprus, Greece or Turkey.

  • Player Associations crucial to good governance

    within Asia is fundamental to the attainment of good governance in world football. This is the main conclusion of the FIFPro Division Asia/Oceania congress, organised last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last week with the collective representatives of...

  • FIFPro announces shortlist for FIFA FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro, the world wide professional footballers association, has announced the 55 players shortlisted for the FIFA FIFPro World XI 2011. The final team will be announced at the FIFA Ballon d’Or on Monday January 9th 2012.

  • FIFPro announces legal challenge to transfer system

    “FIFPro will not stand by and watch from the sidelines as football players’ rights around the world are systemically disrespected and the football industry dismantles itself,” said FIFPro President Phillipe Piat. FIFPro, the World Players’ Union, has...

  • FIFPro Tournament 2011: possibly two tournaments

    There could possibly be two FIFPro Tournaments in Europe this summer. In addition to the regular tournament, which takes place once again in The Netherlands, there may also be a tournament in South Eastern Europe.

  • FIFPro is ensured strong European platform

    FIFPro Division Europe, UNI Europa and ETUC have today in Brussels entered into an agreement to defend the fundamental democratic and social rights of professional football players and other professional sportspeople.

  • Philippe Piat nominated for FIFPro President

    FIFPro Board nominated Philippe Piat (France) to be the next President, consequently he will be presented to the FIFPro congress on 22 October for ratification. During the Board meeting the FIFPro Board voted for nomination of the FIFPro president.

  • FIFPro targets key objectives

    the fight to fundamentally reform football's failing transfer system were among the most important topics raised during the FIFPro General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan.

  • FIFPro Online Academy: New students join now!

    The FIFPro Online Academy – an education programme specifically developed for professional footballers (and other athletes) – is about to reach a fantastic milestone. Next Wednesday, the World Players' Union will celebrate the first graduates from its...

  • FIFPro bolsters UNI World Athletes

    FIFPro Secretary-General, Theo van Seggelen, has today been appointed to the Executive Committee of UNI World Athletes. Through this initiative, professional footballers worldwide, represented by FIFPro, will continue to help advance the fundamental...

  • FIFPro seeks urgent Qatar talks

    FIFPro heads to Qatar to seek urgent talks with the country's football authorities and organisers of the 2022 World Cup. The World Footballers' Association will not sit idly by as the rights of the players are being abused.

  • Messi casts first vote for 2012 FIFA FIFPro World XI

    a big smile on his face, Lionel Messi officially launched the vote for the 2012 FIFA FIFPro World XI. The reigning Best Player in the World filled in his ballot and invited all other professional footballers worldwide to follow his example.

  • FIFA FIFPro World XI 2012: only five days left…

    are closing in on the deadline for the vote for the 2012 FIFA FIFPro World XI. Next Monday, FIFPro and FIFA will reveal the first nominees from this year’s shortlist.

  • FIFPro solidarity on a golf course: Day of Legends

    FIFPro welcomes some of the finest fomer professional footballers at its golf event (Day of Legends) on the Monte Carlo Golf Club. FIFPro explains why the World Players’ Union invites the game’s stars to a golf course.

  • MEDIA ALERT: FIFPro in Vancouver, July 3

    UPDATE (Vancouver, July 2, 2015) : FIFPro has the pleasure of announcing Canadian veteran Karina LeBlanc as the latest confirmed participant for tomorrow's important media event in Vancouver outlining a new global outreach initiative for female...

  • Agreement FIFPro and FIFA on global governance

    its annual congress, FIFPro reviewed the current state of world football. FIFPro welcomed representatives of FIFA, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Barcelona on 2 November 2006.

  • ‘You will benefit from playing at FIFPro Tournament’

    weekend some 125 professional footballers will gather to show their skills at the FIFPro Tournament in order to find a new contract. Three Portuguese players talk about their experiences from the 2009 FIFPro Tournament.

  • Barcelona players honour FIFPro with surprise visit

    FIFPro welcomed five special guests. Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas, Xavi Hernández, Gerard Piqué, Carles Puyol and Marc Bartra visited the FIFPro House to congratulate the world players union with its new office building.

  • FIFPro against players taking lie detector tests

    FIFPro wishes to express its concerns about the situation at FC Banik Most 1909, a second division club from the Czech Republic. FIFPro, the World Players' Union, has been informed that the club is to subject its players to an interrogation with a lie...

  • FIFPro legal action against FIFA transfer system

    (Brussels) FIFPro has today filed legal action against FIFA, in the form of a competition law complaint lodged with the Directorate General Competition of the European Commission in Brussels, challenging the global transfer market system governed by...

  • Transfer system reform too slow

    FIFPro, the World Footballers' Association, calls on FIFA to urgently address proposals to reform the fundamental principles of football's failing transfer system.

  • Principles

    FIFPro acts in accordance with the following 16 principles: FIFPro is the leading worldwide representative organisation for all professional players (players' associations). FIFPro is a democratic, player-driven organisation. Equality and solidarity...

  • To a new club via the 10th FIFPro Tournament

    On Sunday, the stand of Rijnburgse Boys was again filled with national and international scouts. The assistant trainer of Sarpsborg, a club in the highest Norwegian league, had been sitting there at half past eleven on Saturday morning and now - after...

  • Review of the FIFPro Winter Tournament 2011

    Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland were extremely well matched last Friday at the first FIFPro Winter Tournament for out-of-contract players held in the Vallhall Arena in Oslo. FIFPro was enthusiastic about the new initiative.

  • 55 players on shortlist FIFA/FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro and FIFA have presented the shortlist for the first FIFA/FIFPro World XI award. At the FIFPro congress in Budapest the 55 best players of 2009 were announced.

  • Asia’s chairman Schwab joins the FIFPro board

    Schwab is introduced as a member of the FIFPro board during last week’s general assembly at Budapest, Hungary. At the congress the world players’ union accepted the nomination of the current chairman of FIFPro Asia.

  • Agreement FIFPro and FIFA on package of football governance global measures

    its annual congress, which took place in Budapest from 18 to 20 November 2009, FIFPro reviewed the current state of world football. FIFPro welcomed representatives of FIFA to Hungary, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Barcelo

  • FIFPro asks Russia to guarantee footballers’ rights

    FIFPro wants to congratulate the football federations of Russia and Qatar for being the host of the FIFA World Cup. FIFPro also wants to pay attention to the rights of all professional footballers, especially in Russia.

  • Finland player Moisander praises FIFPro Academy

    first year of the FIFPro Online Academy is running smoothly . One of the students following this special course for professional footballers is Niklas Moisander, a member of the Finnish national team.

  • Fifteen midfielders on shortlist FIFA FIFPro World XI

    FIFPro and FIFA present the fifteen midfielders who have been voted on the shortlist for the FIFA FIFPro World XI of 2012. Three of them will be presented during the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala, to be held on Monday 7 January 2013.

  • FIFPro congratulates Online Academy graduates

    (former) professional footballers are officially ready for a new phase in their lives. Yesterday, Wednesday February 18th, FIFPro celebrated the first graduates from the FIFPro Online Academy, during a special ceremony in the FIFPro House in Hoofddorp,...

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