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Vladimir Radivojevic is a professional football player with Mladost Lucani, a club in Serbia’s second division. He recently refused to renew his contract, which was coming to an end. His club reacted in a scandalous way and placed the player under unprecedented pressure to renew his contract.


The club, Mladost Lucani, had Radivojevic evicted from the hotel where he was staying. The player gets nothing more to eat at the club. And coach Branko Bozovic has decided that Radivojevic will have to train individually twice a day: once at 7.15 in the morning, and once at 11.45 at night.


At the beginning of July, Radivojevic refused to sign a new contract with Mladost Lucani, where his current contract runs until 1 January 2012. The 25-year-old player had asked for his current agreement to be terminated because the club had neglected to pay his salary in May and June, nor had it paid the associated insurance premiums.


‘This is humiliation beyond all human limits’, a tired Vladimir said in an article with newspaper Novosti. ‘They firstly forbade me to appear at the roll-call on July 3rd, telling me that I was late, even though I arrived on time. They threw me out of the hotel onto the street, and now I have to pay rent for a house. They have also taken away my rights to eat at the club.’


‘Worst of all, I am experiencing real torture at the training sessions. The only thing I do is run. On Saturday night at midnight, in darkness, I ran 15 kilometers. On Sunday the same treatment was waiting for me.’


‘I cannot sleep anymore. I hope to wake up from this nightmare.’


At the moment, Radivojevic is obeying the absurd instructions issued by his club, so that he cannot be accused of not meeting his contractual obligations towards the club.


Radivojevic has been playing for Mladost Lucani for the last year and a half. In that time he has proven himself to be one of the better players in the Serbian second division.