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‘This is unheard of’, says Mirko Poledica, president of the Serbian union for professional football players Nazavisnost, about the situation in which Vladimir Radivojevic finds himself.


‘I have never heard of a player having to train at night in the dark. We shall take legal steps against Mladost Lucani and coach Branko Bozovic for mobbing.’


‘Vladimir Radivojevic chose not to extend his contract with Mladost because of what has happened in the last year and a half. Vladimir has made his contribution to the results of the club, but for this he regularly does not get any payment. The relationship between him and the club is not good. This young man, a professional football player, is now facing torture.’


‘Vladimir has had the courage to speak of his problems in public, but we know there are many players who struggle with the same problems’, adds Mirko Lekic, secretary general of Nezavisnost. ‘After Vladimir Radivojevic had spoken out, other football players phoned us to tell of similar problems.’


‘We have sent a letter about this to the FAS, the national football association of Serbia. But the FAS has not yet replied...’


‘There are unfortunately many criminals active in Serbian football. We cannot change this situation on our own. For this we need the help of FIFPro, FIFA and UEFA.’