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  • Agents

    FIFPro has an extremely critical opinion about the practice of players’ agents in general. A number of those agents seems to place their own interests above those of the players they represent. FIFPro feels that it is time for a completely new approach.

  • Premier League spents awful lot of money on agents

    ‘Obviously people have made an awful lot of money out of being football agents over the last few years.’ In the last year the twenty clubs from the English Premier League have spent almost 80 million euro on fees for players’ agents.

  • FIFPro, strategy council agree on agents, TPO

    FIFPro looks back at a constructive meeting of the Professional Football Strategy Council at UEFA's headquarters in Nyon, where all of football's stakeholders agreed on tackling serious issues such as third-party ownership, agent fees, integrity, the...

  • FIFPro Tournament coaches and agents interviews

    FIFPro Tournament secretary Tijs Tummers talks about the FIFPro Tournament and the participating footballers. Also interviews with several coaches and agents: Serge Romano Oldrich Svab and Louis Laros.

  • Agents

  • Premier League clubs spent 'awful lot of money' on agent fees

    ?Obviously people have made an awful lot of money out of being football agents over the last few years.? In the last year the twenty clubs from the English Premier League have spent almost 80 million euro on fees for players? agents.

  • Footballer victim in poor quality study transfer system

    FIFPro is deeply disappointed in the outcomes of the KEA Study on the Economic and Legal Aspects of Transfers of Players presented on Thursday 7 February by the European Commission. ‘Poor quality and inconsistent.’

  • FIFPro: ‘Safeguard position of minor players’

    FIFPro is concerned by the situation of minor footballers as described by journalist Juan Pablo Meneses. Given the young age and the vulnerability of these children, FIFPro demands more effective regulations to protect them.

  • EU Expert Group: ‘Respect of EU law is important’

    FIFPro welcomes the statement made by the EU Expert Group ‘Good Governance’, which emphasises the importance of application of national and EU law principles in professional sports. FIFPro fully agrees with this statement.

  • Philippe Piat: ‘Players are still slaves!’

    Philippe Piat, the president of the French professional footballers’ union (UNFP), who is also vice president of FIFPro and president of FIFPro Division Europe doesn’t mince his words in an interview with Belgian magazine Sport.

  • Martorelli: FIFPro America joins the fight

    A global mobilisation campaign to restore the rights of players and bring order to the football industry is gathering momentum, as the head of FIFPro Division America weighed in today on why his continent supports the urgent need for transfer system...

  • For South American kids, football means business

    The Chilean journalist Juan Pablo Meneses recently published his book ‘Niños Futbolistas’ in which he describes the practice of child-footballers in South America being bought and transferred at a very young age.

  • All parties accept responsibility to fight insolvency

    The entire football world must take responsibility for preventing clubs from succumbing to insolvency and players becoming the victims of financial problems at the clubs. This is the primary conclusion from the FIFPro Legal Conference.

  • FIFPro asks Russia to guarantee footballers’ rights

    FIFPro wants to congratulate the football federations of Russia and Qatar for being the host of the FIFA World Cup. FIFPro also wants to pay attention to the rights of all professional footballers, especially in Russia.

  • FIFPro strongly supports Russian footballers' union

    FIFPro has serious concerns about the current situation in Russian professional football where the national football association and the professional football league are attempting to sideline the Russian players’ union PSFT.

  • PFA Australia launches player management agency

    Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has established the PFA Player Management Agency in response to an overwhelming demand by Australia’s elite professional footballers.

  • FIFPro commemorates union great Marvin Miller

    FIFPro sends its condolances to all family and relatives of Marvin Miller. The American is one of the most important men in the history of athletes associations and acted as a pioneer for many players’ unions. He passed away recently.

  • Agreement FIFPro and FIFA on package of football governance global measures

    At its annual congress, which took place in Budapest from 18 to 20 November 2009, FIFPro reviewed the current state of world football. FIFPro welcomed representatives of FIFA to Hungary, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Barcelo

  • Bulgarian players in the picture after Greece game

    While eight footballers’ associations are preparing themselves for this weekend’s FIFPro Tournament, two other associations organised their own match for players looking for a new contract: Greece and Bulgaria.

  • Agreement FIFPro and FIFA on global governance

    At its annual congress, FIFPro reviewed the current state of world football. FIFPro welcomed representatives of FIFA, in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Barcelona on 2 November 2006.

  • Danish players hope for another good tournament

    Denmark will be one of the eight teams participating in the 2010 FIFPro Tournament in The Netherlands, on July 17th and 18th. The team of footballers’ association Spillerforeningen started training last week.

  • FIFPro Tournament 2010 in The Netherlands

    The sixth edition of the FIFPro Tournament will be played in The Netherlands. Italy and Spain join last year’s participants, in the event organized for free agents. Rijnsburg will host the tournament on 17 and 18 July.

  • FIFPro Europe supports transfer system reform

    A resolution has been adopted today which saw FIFPro's 29 European member countries unanimously support the global campaign to challenge football's crippled transfer system. Details of the legal strategy received their backing during a two-day General...

  • Dublin to host FIFPro Europe assembly

    FIFPro's bid to overhaul football's ailing transfer system leads the agenda during a two-day General Assembly of FIFPro Division Europe, to be held at The Westin Hotel in Dublin, April 14-15.

  • FIFPro versus Third Party Ownership

    FIFPro, the World Footballers' Association, has reiterated calls for an outright ban of Third Party Ownership (TPO), in response to comments made by UEFA President Michel Platini. "There is no place for TPO," FIFPro Secretary-General Theo van Seggelen...

  • FIFPro tells Kazakh players to unite

    FIFPro Secretary General Theo van Seggelen and national team captain Kairat Nurdauletov advised all professional footballers in Kazakhstan to unite and become a member of the national players union, Pro Football Kazakhstan.

  • Transfer system reform too slow

    FIFPro, the World Footballers' Association, calls on FIFA to urgently address proposals to reform the fundamental principles of football's failing transfer system.

  • Strategic Committee

    The Strategic Committee provides the board of FIFPro, either requested or unrequested, with advice about various topics with which FIFPro is involved, in particular in the area of politics. The Strategic Committee also has the task to come up with...

  • Mads Øland

    Date of birth: 31 May 1965 Mother tongue: Danish Other languages: English Place of residence: Copenhagen, Denmark FIFPro Board Member since 2006 Professional career As a football player Mads Øland achieved 350 professional matches in his career, playing...

  • Legal Conference America: collaborate and improve

    ‘All professional footballers’ associations need to help each other improve’. That was the main conclusion of the first Legal Network Conference of FIFPro Division America on ‘Contracts of Football Players in South America’.

  • FIFPro Division Americas makes great improvement

    The General Assembly of FIFPro Division America showed a lot of improvement and good work. Many of the affiliated unions and the unions that are not linked to FIFPro yet work hard in their countries to explore to safeguard the players' interests.

  • ‘The stability of contract principle no longer exists’

    Philippe Piat, FIFPro Vice-President, wants to denounce FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfers of Players. ‘We consider them to be contrary to Community law, in that they do not guarantee the free movement of footballers.'

  • FIFPro concerned by influence third-party owners

    FIFPro is concerned about the seemingly growing influence of Third-party ownership. Although prohibited by FIFA regulations, more and more clubs appear to make use of these third parties.

  • FIFPro establishes expert group on transfer matters

    FIFPro states that the many problems with the existing transfer system need to be addressed carefully and seriously. Therefore FIFPro presents an expert group to examine and provide the necessary recommendations.

  • English PFA: ‘Players must save for the future’

    The English PFA disputes reports that three out of five former Premier League players go bankrupt within 5 years. Gordon Taylor, PFA Chief Executive and FIFPro Honorary President advises players to plan their careers wisely.

  • Insolvent club haunts footballers in Romania

    The Romanian professional footballers association published an open letter to the Minister of Public Finance, regarding the harrowing situation of the players of Politehnica Timisoara, a club that has been insolvent since last summer.

  • Portugal: Union addresses ‘excess’ of foreign players

    The Portuguese Professional Footballers Association (SJPF) presented a study about the use of Portuguese and foreign players in the first half of the First and Second leagues.

  • ‘Match-fixing is organized crime, its not about players’

    FIFPro underlines the words spoken by Europol: ‘It is a sad day for European football.’ After the investigation published by Europol, FIFPro wants to stress that it is time for all stakeholders to take the necessary measures.

  • ‘A successful tournament for unemployed players’

    After three days of football and interplay, “Mercato 2013”- the second annual football transfer window fair, organized the National Union of Cameroonian Footballers - finished up on a note of hope and satisfaction.

  • New FIFPro member: CAFH from Czech Republic

    FIFPro welcomed four new members during the general assembly in Washington: the professional footballers associations of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and Ukraine. Today a portrait of the Czech union.

  • FIFPro: ‘Anti-racism is all about unity’

    FIFPro has noticed the ongoing discussions in England concerning a breakaway union of black professional footballers. FIFPro strongly advises the players to remain united with the PFA, as nobody will profit from a breakaway.

  • PFA Scotland dismayed with Rangers executive

    PFA Scotland has strongly criticised Rangers new executive chief Charles Green, who has warned other clubs in the United Kingdom not to sign players who have opted to leave Rangers.

  • South African union signs first CBA in Africa

    A mammoth, hard-fought and joyful milestone. That’s how the South African Football Players Union describes its latest achievement: the signing of the collective bargaining agreement with the Premier Soccer League.

  • FIFPro, EU Athletes write letter to Commissioner

    FIFPro Division Europe and EU Athletes have composed a joint letter for European Commissioner of Sport, Andrea Vassiliou, during the second European Sportspeoples Forum, last Monday.

  • Swiss union ready to train 'banned' Xamax players

    The Swiss professional footballers’ association (SAFP) regrets the decision of the Swiss league (SFL) to strip club Neuchâtel Xamax of its licence to play in championships organized by the league.

  • Piat: ‘In France, social dialogue has finished’

    Philippe Piat, president of the French footballers’ association UNFP and vice-president of FIFPro, speaks in French daily Le Monde about the situation of Peguy Luyindula, a player who is persona non grata at his club Paris Saint-Germain.

  • 'Image of pampered players needs to change'

    FIFPro's secretary general Theo van Seggelen says that an average player's lifestyle is often far removed from the usual image of mansions, fast cars and outrageous weddings. The vast majority are ordinary wage-earners.

  • Baffoe: ‘I hope players see the need to join us’

    The Professional Footballers’ Association of Ghana is one of FIFPro’s candidate members. Secretary general Anthony Baffoe talks about the objectives, achievements and the future of the PFAG.

  • European Commission to study transfer market

    The European Commission starts a study of the current transfer markets in sports, said Pedro Velazquez, deputy head of the unit Sport of the EC during the European Professional Sportspeoples Forum, organized by FIFPro.

  • FIFPro helps Debreceni players in 'corruption' fight

    FIFPro promises to provide full support to Norbert Mészáros and Vukasin Poleksic in their attempt to undo a ban imposed by UEFA for reasons of match-fixing by going to CAS.

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